Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of A Compressible Multiphase Flow Model in Porous Medium: Application to the Tsimiroro Madagascar Oil Reservoir


  •   Malik E. Ahamadi

  •   Hery T. Rakotondramiarana

  •   Randriamanantany Z. Arivelo


Modeling and numerical methods are two very important fields in physics and engineering sciences. In fluid mechanics, they allow us to study various complex problems and to make predictions of complex phenomena. However, in some cases like the field of petroleum engineering, many parameters like absolute permeability, relative permeability, porosity, capillary pressures, etc. are difficult to measure and / or estimate with certainty. The parametric sensitivity analysis of models provides an overview of the most influential parameters of a model and thus enables the model to be optimized. The study carried out in this work goes in this direction and has made it possible to identify the most influential parameters. The results obtained show that the most influential parameters of the model are the geometric characteristics of the reservoir, porosity and permeability, as well as the injection pressure in the wells.

Keywords: Analysis of variance, multiphase flow, oil reservoir, porous media, sensitivity analysis


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