Exploration of the Internal Energy Effect on 3D-Casson Fluid Embedded by Porous Media over A Rotating Sheet


  •   Alfunsa Prathiba

  •   A. Venkata Lakshimi


Viscous dissipation acts as an energy source and alters the temperature distribution, and extremely shear flows impact the fluid flow structure. Thus, the current study analyses the three-dimensional rotating Casson fluid flow across a linear extending sheet in the existence of internal energy and porous medium. The controlling equations for velocity, concentration, and energy of the steady flow are provided and simplified using the similarity transformations. The three-staged collocation technique, namely Lobatto III A was implemented in conjunction with MATLAB to solve the resulting equations. The physical characteristics of the relevant quantities were explained with the support of graphs. It was noticed that the velocity component decreased with the rise in the porosity parameter. For the improved values of the Eckert number, the temperature component increased. The influence of Eckert number, Casson parameter etc. on the Skin friction, the Nusselt number and the Sherwood number were assessed.

Keywords: Eckert number, Lobatto III A collocation method, Porosity, Rotating fluid, Viscous Dissipation, 3-D Casson fluid


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